Why Canvas Is One of the Best Materials for Backpacks

Why Canvas Is One of the Best Materials for Backpacks

Canvas backpacks have gained immense popularity because of their exceptional durability, versatility, and stylish appeal. If you’re in search of reliable backpack products, then check out the best canvas backpacks here.

Meanwhile, this article will examine the unique qualities of canvas backpacks, setting them apart, and justify why they should be your top choice for your next backpack purchase.


A standout feature of canvas backpacks is their remarkable durability. Canvas are constructed from a robust woven fabric, thus endure demanding conditions and withstand daily wear and tear.

Unlike other materials prone to tearing or ripping, canvas is able to withstand heavy loads and rough handling. So, whether you require a backpack for everyday use or outdoor adventures, it’s what you need!


Canvas backpacks exhibit exceptional versatility – catering to a diverse array of activities and lifestyles. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a traveler, or an outdoor enthusiast. You will find a canvas backpack tailored to your specific requirements.

Canvas has an assortment of sizes, styles, and designs. As a result, they provide ample storage space for your belongings.

What’s more, many canvas backpacks boast a host of compartments and pockets. This ensures effortless organization of your items.


Canvas backpacks deliver exceptional comfort. Unlike nylon or polyester, canvas fabric is naturally soft. Thus, it ensures comfortable wear even during extended periods.

Additionally, canvas backpacks often feature padded shoulder straps and back panels for extra support and cushioning. Choose a canvas backpack for unparalleled comfort that won’t let you down.

Aesthetic Appeal

Canvas backpacks are not only practical but also boast a timeless aesthetic. The natural texture and appearance of canvas lend these backpacks a classic and sophisticated look.

Whether you lean toward a vintage or modern design, there’s a canvas backpack aligning with your style. Additionally, canvas’s versatility offers a plethora of color options. This enables you to choose a backpack reflecting your personal taste.

Why Canvas Is One of the Best Materials for Backpacks


Canvas is an excellent material for backpacks, boasting durability, versatility, comfort, and style. Explore our collection of canvas backpacks to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Invest in a canvas backpack today to enjoy its many benefits!


Which Apple Watch Band Is Best for Working Out

In the modern day, there are multiple apple watch bands for working out. When working out, maximum comfort should be on your mind. Additionally, you may want to look fashionable and sporty at the same time while working out. The best apple watch band for working out should have all these features. Apart from apple watch bands from Apple, there are other multiple third-party options that you may get depending on their affordability. Since there are numerous apple watch bands for working in the market, getting the best with unique features that will make you can be challenging. We have therefore decided to select some of the best apple watch bands for working out for you to choose which one will suit you.

Which Apple Watch Band Is Best for Working Out

1. OHCBOOGIE Stretchy Solo Loop Strap Compatible with Apple Watch Bands

This Apple watch band is compatible with all Apple iWatch series. Additionally, you will not have to worry about skin-related complications when wearing this Apple watch band while working out since it is made of eco-friendly, high-quality nylon. Additionally, you can wear this Apple watch band while working out for long periods since it is breathable, soft, and comfortable. The Apple watch band is elastic and stretchable; therefore, it will easily fit you while working out.

The lightweight design of this Apple watch band will enable you to work out for extended periods without feeling any weight on your arm. Moreover, this Apple watch band is available in multiple colors. This will give you the luxury of choosing your preferred color to match your working out outfit for a stylish appearance. You can select a size that fits you best since the Apple watch band is available in various sizes.


• Lightweight

• Stylish

• Available in multiple colors and sizes

• Adjustable

• Durable

2. Tefeca Compatible/Replacement Breathable Sport loop ArmBand/Ankle band for Apple Watch

You can wear this Apple watch band either on your hand or foot. Additionally, this watch band for Apple watches is made using environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, you will not have to worry about skin-related infections while working out. The soft, breathable fabrics used in making this Apple watch band will provide soft cushioning to your skin while working out. Further, the fabrics have moisture-wicking features that allow moisture to escape for a comfortable working out experience. The apple watch band for working out is compatible with all Apple watch series.

This Apple watch band features stretchy fabrics that will adapt to your every movement when working out while also maintaining a secure, comfortable fit for a memorable working out experience. Moreover, for easy wearing and adjustment plus ensuring accurate data collection while working out, this Apple watch band features a hook-and-loop closure design on both ends that is easy to use. The Apple watch band for working out is available in multiple sizes that you can choose from depending on your comfort.


• It can be worn on both arms and legs

• Lightweight

• Soft and breathable

• Compatible with all the Apple series watches

• Ensures the value for your money

The above Apple watches are breathable and comfortable and made using eco-friendly fabrics. Additionally, the material, design and the relaxed fit features of these Apple watch bands will ensure you have a memorable working out experience.





O sa fiu sincera cu voi, nu am fost vreodata pasionata de nunti in mod special. Datorita meseriei de fotograf, am trecut prin tot felul de nunti : romanesti, moldovenesti , rusesti ! Obiceiuri care mai de care, insa un lucru e cert: moldovenii se distreaza cel mai organizat ! Mi-am urmarit cele mai bune prietene cum urca spre altar, pierduta in agitatia si isteria de moment, un singur gand imi incoltea in minte : “O fi prea devreme? Oare vom mai fi la fel ? Oare e fericita? … ” Ca la finalul petrecerii, o singura concluzie sa ramana in aer : ” Doamne, daca ar fi sa o iau de la capat, nu as face-o ! ”

Fiecare nunta avea povestea ei, o magie si o energie unica, care ma incarcau de fiecare data cu o emotie atat de puternica, incat ma transpuneam timp de 24 de ore in universul unor oameni , de multe ori straini, dar in acelasi timp ma si secam de atata energie incat aveam nevoie de o saptamana intreaga sa imi revin. Imi ziceam : ” o sa vina si randul meu, sa vezi atunci ! ” Anii au trecut, de nunti m-am cam lasat, insa visul de a imbraca o rochie de mireasa este inca aici. Ideea de a fi un star macar o zi , de a strange langa mine pe toti cei dragi, de a o vedea pe mama plangand de bucurie si de a dansa pana lesin inca imi surade si nu am renuntat de tot in ciuda noilor “reguli moderne” .

A face o nunta este o provocare, asa e. Toti viseaza la ea, putin trec nesifonati prin ea, multi o amana. Dar oare sa fie atat de greu? Din moment ce ai gasit rochia perfecta, totul vine de la sine ! Nu e asa , fetelor?

Cred ca totusi este mult mai greu ca peste ani, sa privesti in urma iar prin albumul amintirilor sa nu regasesti acea imagine in rochie alba de mireasa si sa nu stii niciodata cum ar fi fost daca ai fi facut-o ! So live your wedding dream, it’s never too late !

PS: Si daca e cazul, chiar de mai multe ori !


Dress : Julia Helena

Hair & make- up : Anastasia Beauty Center

Flowers : Floria

Location : La Maison

Photo : Florin Bondrila




I will be honest with you, I was never really attracted to weddings. Because I am a photographer, I’ve been to a lot of weddings: Romanian, Moldavian, Russian! All sorts of traditions, but one thing is for sure: people from Moldova have fun in the most organized way! I followed closely my best friends going down the aisle, and lost in that rush and craziness only one thought crossed my mind: “Is it too early? Will we be the same? Is she happy?…” But by the end of the party, only one conclusion remained: “God, if it were to do it all again, I wouldn’t do it!”

Every wedding has its story, a unique magic and energy, which every time gave me an emotion so strong that I was transferred for 24 hours in the universe of other people, who many times were strangers, but at the same time I was so drained of energy that I needed a whole week to recover. I was telling myself: “my turn will come, and then you’ll see!” The years have passed, I kind of gave up on weddings, but the dream of wearing a wedding dress is still here. The idea of being a star at least for a day, to gather around me everyone I love, to see my mother crying tears of joy and to dance until I pass out is still enticing and I haven’t completely given up on it yet, despite the new “modern rules”.

Having a wedding is a challenge, it’s true. Everyone dreams about it, few get out unruffled, a lot of them postpone it. But is it that hard?

I think it’s even harder to look back in a few years and not finding that image of you in a white wedding dress in your album of memories and never knowing how it would have been if you would have done it! So live your wedding dream, it’s never too late !

PS: And, if necessary, do it multiple times!



Sufocata de caldurile din ultima luna, m-am refugiat in mall-urile capitalei, unde parca revii la viata datorita temperaturii optime care ii permite creierului sa functioneze, comparativ cu situatiunea din exterior. De obicei nu am un scop foarte exact si iau la rand toate magazinele a caror vitrina imi face cu ochiul. Iar cand am dat de un magazin cu decoratiuni sau mobila, gata, m-ai pierdut! 🙂

Asa am patit la Lem’s … Odata intrata in acest univers, cu greu ma scoti de acolo… Multitudinea de culori, forme si stiluri te prinde si te duce departee…cam 3-4 ture si parca tot la prima optiune te intorci, ceva tipic cand e vorba de shopping. Am tras un pic pe dreapta in coltisorul preferat din magazin. Un living modern intr-un stil minimalist care mi s-a parut cel mai cozy si unde am zis sa fac o pauza ca sa procesez toata informatia vizuala de care aveam parte.

Rosu, negru sau alb? Piele sau catifea? Mat sau lucios? Oare se potrivesc toate aceste contraste vibrante si texturi cu tinutele mele de diva albului imaculat cu accente de gold??? Acesta de fapt era scenariul din capul meu, o mica secventa din visul copilariei! Yep, recunosc ca si acum mai am tendinta sa topai prin sufragerie in timpul unor show-uri de dans, who doesn’t?! Partea mai grava e atunci cand bag si voce :)))

M-am decis. Rosu combinat cu negru ma pune cel mai bine in evidenta! Toate spot-urile pe mine, pe locuri, actiune!

Ah, era sa uit ! Totul devine absolut fabulos cand avem si reduceri in combinatie! Discount-uri de pana la 40% la living box-urile Lem’s pana pe 16 august! So, hurry up!



Suffocated by the heat in the past month, I took refuge in the Capital’s malls, where one is brought back to life by the optimal temperature that allows the brain to work, compared to the situation outside. I usually don’t have a well defined target and I go into every store whose window catches my eye. And when I find a furniture or decorations store, that’s it, you lost me! 🙂

That’s what happened to me at Lem’s… Once I enter that universe it’s hard to get me out of there… The multitude of colors, shapes and styles catches you and takes you away… about 3-4 rounds and then you go back to your first option, something typical when it comes to shopping. I made a little pit-stop in my favorite spot in the store. A modern living box in a minimalist style that I’ve found to be the coziest and where I thought I should take a break in order to process all the visual information around me.

Red, black or white? Leather or velvet? Matte or shiny? Do all these vibrant contrasts and textures match my diva outfits that include white with gold accents??? This was actually the scenario in my head, a little scene from my childhood’s dream! Yep, I admit that I still have the tendency to jump in the living room during dance shows, but who doesn’t?! The worst part is when I start singing :)))

I’ve made up my mind. Red and black suits me the best! All lights on me, on your marks, action!

Oh, I almost forgot!Everything becomes absolutely fabulous when we have sales! Lem’s has sales of up to 40% for living boxes until August 16! So, hurry up!



Dupa o scurta perioada de inspiratie zero / lene / astenie de vara, imi revin usor-usor. Probabil corpul si mintea mea erau setate ca in luna iunie sa intre pe pauza, cu gandul la vacanta, nu-mi explic… Adevarul e ca nici avalansa de imagini de vacanta de pe retelele de socializare nu ajuta! Din contra!

Insa am reactionat exact ca un copil cu o noua jucarie atunci cand mi-am prins la incheietura mainii acest ceas futurist si m-am asigurat mai intai ca mi se potriveste ca design (e minimalist, deci e superb!) si apoi l-am pornit sa vad ce stie sa faca. Fiind adepta Apple, nu a durat mult pana sa prind drag de noul meu gadget si pot spune ca in anumite situatii se poate dovedi extrem de util. O chestie haioasa mi se pare vibratia de fiecare data cand primesc vreo notificare. 🙂 Un lucru e clar: in timp ce smartphone-urile devin tot mai mari si mai neincapatoare in mana, poseta, etc., nevoia unui gagdet la scara mai mica s-a accentuat si a luat nastere Apple Watch! Ok, pe langa faptul ca ne arata ora. 🙂 Pentru ca pana la urma este un ceas. Un ceas care stie sa faca de toate!




After a short period of zero inspiration / laziness / summer blues, I’m slowly recovering. Perhaps my mind and body were set to take a break in June, thinking about the summer holiday, I don’t know… The truth is that the avalanche of holiday pictures in social media is not helping either! On the contrary!

But I reacted just like a little kid facing a new toy when I put this futuristic watch on my wrist. First I made sure that the design suits me (it’s minimalist, so it’s gorgeous!) and then I turned it on to see what it can do. Being an Apple fan, it didn’t take long for me to like my new gadget and I can say that in some situations it can be very useful. A funny thing is that it vibrates each time I receive a notification. 🙂 One thing is clear: while smartphones become too big for our hands, purses, etc., the need for a smaller gadget intensified and therefore Apple Watch was born! Ok, besides the fact that it shows us the time. 🙂 Because in the end it’s a watch. A watch that does everything!



RO: De cand am intrat in posesia celui mai bun prieten, un smartphone iPhone 6, am fost atat de entuziasmata de design-ul si aspectul general al acestuia, incat am evitat sa il “ascund” intr-o carcasa clasica. Recunosc, tot ce e auriu imi fura mintile si nu mai judec bine. 🙂

Dar, in timp, dupa diverse accidente, mai mult sau mai putin grave, am ajuns la concluzia ca acest telefon merita o protectie pe masura, o husa adecvata. Bineinteles ca nu ii puteam lua orice “hainuta” la intamplare, asa ca a urmat un proces indelungat de documentare in acest sens si am ajuns pe site-ul celor de la QuickMobile, unde gasiti cea mai variata si cool gama de accesorii destinate gadget-urilor in general. Revenind, mi s-a pus pata pe husele celor de la White Diamonds, decorate cu cristale Swarovski si evident ca nu m-am putut decide doar la una dintre ele. Buuuun!

Nici dupa ce le-am primit nu m-am putut decide care este preferata mea, pentru ca toate arata foarte glamour! Asa ca am decis in fiecare zi sa port cate una, prin rotatie sau le adaptez dupa ocazie sau dresscode. 🙂

Pe langa toate acestea, marea surpriza cand am primit coletul, a fost ambalajul de lux, cutia neagra de un rafinament desavarsit, legata cu o fundita eleganta! Un big Like pentru packaging celor de la QuickMobile! Daca vreti sa vedeti cam cum arata o impachetare premium, puteti intra aici. Va garantez ca o sa va distrati din plin si o sa alegeti de acum doar servicii premium! 🙂


EN: Since I came into possession of my best friend, an iPhone 6, I was so excited about its design and general look that I avoided “hiding” it in a classic case. I admit anything golden steals my mind and impairs my judgment. 🙂

However, over time, and after several more or less serious incidents, I concluded that this phone deserves an appropriate degree of protection, in the form of an adequate case. Of course I couldn’t just buy a random “outfit” for it, so I went through a long research process that brought me on QuickMobile’s website, where you can find the widest and coolest range of accessories for gadgets in general. Back to our story, I had an instant crush on the White Diamonds cases, decorated with Swarovski crystals, so obviously I couldn’t decide on buying just one of them. Gooood!

Not even after I received them I couldn’t decide which one is my favorite, because they all look so glamour! So I decided wearing a different one each day or adapting them to the occasion or dresscode. 🙂

In addition, the big surprise when I received the parcel was the luxury packaging, the extremely refined black box, tied with an elegant bow! A big Like for QuickMobile’s packaging service! If you want to see how premium packaging looks like, you can go here. I guarantee you’ll have fun and will only choose premium services from now on! 🙂