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Timpul zboara atat de repede incat abia mai reusim sa tinem pasul cu el. Incercam cu greu sa bifam agenda zilnica, intr-un ritm ametitor si o sa o facem si bine. Coplesiti de atatea task-uri, sub presiunea timpului, putini dintre noi reusesc sa fie cu adevarat eficienti, iar la finalul zilei, dupa multa agitatie si alergatura, sa rasufle usurati.

De cativa ani, de cand am devenit o aceasta “multi-tasking “girl, sau mai bine zis “woman”, pentru ca dupa 30 de ani nu stiu exact unde ma mai incadrez :), de cand sunt propria mea sefa si stapana deplina a timpului de care dispun, am tras o concluzie pe cat de simpla, pe atat de greu de pus in aplicare: este vorba de prioritizare. Mi-ar placea sa dezvolt acest subiect intr-o viitoare postare, iar azi o sa ma rezum in a va spune care sunt sfaturile pe care mi-ar fi placut sa le primesc acum 5 ani, cand a inceput toata nebunia:

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1. Sa calatoresc cat pot de mult, nu doar pentru amintirile sau imaginile cu care ramanem, ci pentru ca fiecare calatorie contribuie treptat la dezvoltarea personala, ne largeste orizonturile, nu doar fizice si ci cele psihologice, ne incarca de energie sau ne seaca de energie, intr-un mod placut, dupa caz. 🙂 Pentru ca, nu-i asa, sentimentul de intoarcere acasa este cel mai frumos din lume!

2. Sa nu iau lumea modei in serios si implicit nici pe mine 🙂 Pentru ca nu trendurile sunt cele care conteaza, ci stilul personal! Pe care mai intai il cauti, il gasesti cu greu, apoi il dezvolti si il reinventezi.

3. Sa inteleg ca nu exista esecuri, ci doar experiente. Din unele iesim invingatori, din altele invatam… Pentru ca a gresi este mai bine decat a mima perfectiunea. Iar cea mai mare batalie este de fapt intre tine cu tine. Intre ceea ce stii si ceea ce simti.

4. A te maturiza nu inseamna doar trecerea anilor. Inseamna sensibilitate, bune maniere si felul in care reactionezi. Iar uneori cea mai buna reactie este sa nu reactionezi in niciun fel.

5. Si cel mai important: “It’s not about having time, it’s about making time”.

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Time flies so fast that we barely manage to keep up. We try hard to check all the items on our daily schedule, at a really fast pace, while also trying to have good results. Overwhelmed by so many tasks, feeling the pressure of time, few of us manage to be truly effective, and to breathe easy at the end of the day, after a lot of hustle and bustle.

For a few years, since I became this “multi-tasking” girl, or rather “woman”, because after 30 I don’t know where I fit anymore :), since I am my own boss and have full ownership of my time, I came to a conclusion that is both simple and difficult to enforce: it’s all about prioritizing. I would like to discuss this topic in a future post, but today I will only give you the advices that I would have liked to receive 5 years ago, when all this madness started:

1. To travel as much as possible, not just for the memories and images we are left with, but because each trip gradually contributes to our personal development, broadens our horizons, not only physically, buy also psychologically, gives us energy or drains us in a good way, depending on the case. 🙂 And because the feeling of going back home is the most wonderful thing in the world, right?

2. To not take the fashion world, nor myself, too seriously. 🙂 Because fashion trends aren’t the ones that matter, but your personal style! You first have to look for it, then find it, develop it and reinvent it.

3. To understand that there is no such thing as failure, only experience. From some we come out as winners, from others we only learn… Because making a mistake is better than faking  perfection. And the hardest battle is actually between you and yourself. Between what you know and what you feel.

4. To grow up doesn’t only mean the passing of years. It means sensibility, good manners and the way in which you react. And sometimes the best reaction is not to have a reaction at all.

5. And the most important: “It’s not about having time, it’s about making time”.

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Happy 5-year anniversary, Floria !

Happy birthday to me!

And a happy life to you, my dears!




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    Tortuletul arata superb! Iar sfaturile sunt mai bune decat cele date de mama;)) La multi ani, frumusete!

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    La Multi Ani Silvia!!!!<3

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    Yo, that’s what’s up trflyuutlh.


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