Silvia Postolatiev, the author and owner of www.postolatieva.com, fashion photographer and visual artist:

After graduating the High School of Plastic Arts and the Faculty of Cinematography, images and visual arts became my universe. I think in images, I express myself and live through images, and for the last 4 years, my biggest love, photography, knows another dimension of art – fashion.

www.postolatieva.com– the virtual space where visual meets vision, a continuous movie about my life and passions, my colorful universe.

“It’s not about seeing a beautiful picture, it’s about seeing the beauty in every story, every emotion behind my camera”.

3.0 multimedia artist and blogger, I collaborate with brands both as a photographer and as a model, stylist, creative director, social media & brand consultant, digital influencer and on-line endorser.

“Everything i need now is here.”

In 2014, the www.postolatieva.com project met new horizons and I launched my own clothing line Postolatieva Shop ! To place an order mail me at postolatieva.shop@gmail.com