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Wearing : Liu Jo dress / Zara heels / H&M purse , sunnies



Vine vara, ce bine imi pare…sau nu?

Hai sa recunoastem ca in luna mai ne apuca pe toate isteria : trebuie sa schimb din nou toata garderoba, bineinteles ca imi trebuie inca 3 perechi de sandale pe langa cele 101 din dotare, e cazul  sa dau o tura la solar ca sunt alba ca branza, cum naiba scap si eu in 2 saptamani de celulita asta? Trebuie sa ma epilez peste tot ca nu mai tine, in ce creme cu factor solar investesc sezonul asta? …

Sunt doar eu nebuna sau mai e cineva cu mine? 🙂

Cred ca jumatate din grijile noastre la inceput de vara sunt doar in capul nostru iar panica creata in jurul acestor pregatiri este doar una aparenta. Ceea ce ne face sa ne dam un refresh propriului corp nu este decat necesitatea de a fi in sincron cu explozia naturii, sa reinflorim o data cu ea, pentru ca facem parte din ea.

  • Dilema nr 1 a verii: sa fiu sau nu bronzata? Dupa ani la rand in care am tanjit dupa acel bronz aramiu pe care niciodata nu il obtineam decat spre sfarsitul concediului, in sfarsit am acceptat ca am pielea prea alba si sensibila. Efectiv o traumatizam  expunand-o la diverse metode brutale pentru a capata acea nuanta mult dorita. Cu toate cremele din lume, soarele  lasa urme  adanci pe care le veti sesiza  abia  dupa 30 de ani. Asa ca vara asta, o las mai moale 🙂
  • Cremele cu  protectie solara, cu cat mai mare e SPF-ul, cu atat mai bine. Si nu doar vara, ci pe tot parcursul anului !
  • Hair & make-up : keep it simple ! Eu am redus la maxim beauty kit-ul estival, am ramas doar cu 5 produse de baza: pudra matifianta , tus & rimel , creion de sprancene, si am pus accentul pe buze! Mate sau lucioase, toate culorile sa vina la mine! Pentru par am fix doua variante simple, as usual : drept sau wavy !
  • Daca nu rezistati intr-o sala de sport mai mult de 30 de minute (ca mine), parcurile ar trebui sa fie noile terase ! Mai o incalzire, mai o barfa, mai o tura de jogging si uite ca am imbinat utilul cu placutul 🙂
  • In ceea ce priveste innoirea garderobei, go for it! Indiferent ce stil aveti, nu o sa puteti rezista tentatiei  de a avea ceva nou in dulap si chiar daca constatati ca aveti deja 50 de tricouri albe , macar v-ati simtit bine la shopping! Totul nu este decat o simpla terapie !

Va doresc o vara superba!



Summer is coming and I’m so happy… or not?

Let’s all admit that in May we get a little hysterical: I have to change my entire wardrobe, of course I need 3 more pairs of sandals in addition to the 101 that I already have, I must go to the tanning salon because my skin is too pale, how the hell do I get rid of this cellulite in 2 weeks? It doesn’t work like this anymore and I have to wax all over, in what sunscreens should I invest this season?… Am I the only crazy one around here or are you with me? 🙂

I think half of our worries in the beginning of summer are only in our head and the panic created around these preparations is just apparent. What makes us refresh our bodies is just the necessity to be in sync with the explosion of nature, because we are part of it.

  • The no. 1 dilemma of summer: should I get a tan or not? After years of craving that bronze that I only obtained towards the end of the holiday, I finally accepted that my skin is too white and sensitive. I was literally traumatizing my skin by exposing it to brutal ways of getting that much desired shade of bronze. Despite using all the lotions in the world, the sun leaves scars that you’ll only notice after 30 years. So this summer I am going to tone it down. 🙂
  • Sunscreens – the higher the SPF, the better. And not only in the summer, but all year round!
  • Hair & make-up: keep it simple! I minimized my beauty kit and only kept 5 basic items: mattifying powder, liner & mascara, an eyebrow pencil and I focused on the lips! Matte or glossy, let all colors come to me! For the hair, I have exactly two simple choices, as usual: straight or wavy!
  • If you can’t stand in a gym for more than 30 minutes (like me), parks should be the new terraces! A warm-up, some gossip, some jogging, this is how we manage to combine business with pleasure. 🙂
  • As for renewing your wardrobe, go for it! No matter your style, you won’t be able to resist the urge of having something new in your closet and even if you find out that you already have 50 white shirts, at least you enjoyed yourself while shopping! It’s all just therapy!

I wish you all a wonderful summer!



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