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Wearing : Guess top, sunnies, sandals  via / Laura Maxim fringe cappuccino maxi backpack / Mango vest / Bershka shorts / Daniel Wellington watch


Cred ca era nevoie de o scadere de temperatura (totusi nu asa brusca) ca sa pot face acele lucruri pe care le tot aman dand vina pe orice, in afara de lipsa propriei vointe:

  • In sfarsit imi pot face linistita work-out-ul de dimineata, nu chiar cu noaptea in cap ca sa nu prind canicula
  • Sa imi savurez ceaiul la orice ora din zi fara sa ma ia toate caldurile
  • Sa ma pierd cu orele  in dressing  si sa descopar comori ascunse sau sau neglijate si sa imi dau seama ca mai pot amana urmatoarea sesiune de shopping.
  • Sa nu imi mai prind parul in coc sau coada, ci sa il port liber ca pasarea cerului. Bine, totul e cool pana creste prea mult umiditatea.
  • Sa stau o zi intreaga in casa in fata calculatorului, cu o ceasca de ceai in fata si sa muncesc linistita la tot ce pot face doar de pe PC, uitandu-ma trist la sezlongul din curte de care nu m-am dezlipit toata vara
  • Sa nu mai compatimesc bietele pisici, care pana acum nu mai stiau in ce gaura sa se ascunda de soare si caldura si respectiv sa aman programarea la tuns 🙂

Totusi exista si dezavantaje in toata combinatia asta, pentru ca #nothingisperfect :

  • Inca nu sunt pregatita sa trec la garderoba de toamna, inca nu m-am saturat de rochite si pantaloni scurti
  • Abia ce am prins si eu un pic de bronz… chiar trebuie sa ma acopar deja?
  • Nu ma mai pot camufla cu ochelari de soare, aproape ca sunt nevoita sa ma machiez de fiecare daca cand ies din casa
  • Off topic : de ce nu pot avea si varianta pe alb si pe negru a acestui rucsac, Laura Maxim ?
  • Ma suna iar tata si ma intreaba daca nu am racit si in cazul in care inca nu am reusit performanta, ma sfatuie ca de obicei sa nu beau apa rece !
  • Facebook-ul se umple de frustrare post vacanta si de tot mai multi nostagici dupa soare ! Prea cald, prea rece, prea ca in Romania 🙂

Va imbratisez si va doresc un week-end linistit!



I think I needed a temperature drop (however, not so sudden) in order for me to do all those things I’ve been postponing by blaming anything but my own lack of willpower:

  •  I can finally have my morning workout at a reasonable hour, not at dawn so that it doesn’t get too hot
  • I can drink my tea at any hour of the day without getting hot flashes
  • I can lose myself in my dressing for hours to discover hidden or neglected treasures and then realize that I can postpone my next shopping session
  • I can stop wearing my hair in a bun or ponytail, and start wearing it loose like a bird in the sky. Ok, everything is cool until humidity gets too high
  • I can stay at home all day in front of the computer, with a mug of tea, and work on things I can only do on the PC, sadly watching the lawn chair in the yard, which I haven’t forsaken all summer
  • I can stop pitying the poor cats, which until now didn’t know in what hole to hide from the sun and heat, and respectively postponing the appointment for having their hair cut 🙂

However, there are some disadvantages to this story, because #nothingisperfect:

  • I am still not ready to start wearing my fall wardrobe, I didn’t get bored by sundresses and short pants yet
  • I just got a little tan… do I really need to cover up already?
  • I can’t hide behind sunglasses anymore, I almost have to wear makeup every time I get out of the house
  • Off topic: Why can’t I have the white and black version of this backpack, Laura Maxim ?
  • My dad calls me again asking if I caught a cold, and if I managed no to, he advises me as always not to drink cold water!
  • Facebook is filled with post-holiday frustration and more and more nostalgia for the sun! Too hot, too cold, too Romanian 🙂

Hugs and have a peaceful weekend!


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