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Wearing : Zara romper / Mango blazer /Parfois necklace /Minelli shoes  heells / H&M clutch


Averse, instabilitate si furtuni. Se pare ca asta este soarta noastra la inceput de vara. Insa nu ma plang, mie imi place ploaia, cu bune si cu rele … chiar daca asta inseamna “a bad hair day” 🙂 Prefer un pic de umiditate in loc sa imi curga efectiv machiajul de pe fata din cauza caldurii excesive  🙁

Inca nu v-am convins?

Ei bine, daca brusc simtiti o cadere emotionala , o lipsa de inspiratie si chef de munca din cauza  ploii, va dau eu cateva motive sa iubiti ploaia cu toate neajunsurile ei 🙂 :

  • cel mai important, nu mai e praf pe strazi, culorile par mai vii ca niciodata iar aerul este  mult mai respirabil
  • nu mai trebuie sa ud gradina
  • in sfarsit nu imi mai sta mintea la vacanta  si ma concentrez mult mai bine la “to do list” -ul zilei
  • pot sta linistita inchisa in casa pentru un maraton de filme
  • daca tot nu putem iesi din casa, acum e timpul pentru curatenie… incepem cu dressing-ul (unde domneste un haos de 2 luni !)
  • totul parca incetineste, ritmul cotidian scade dramatic, se aseaza o liniste ciudata care naste o inspiratie de nebanuit! Vezi totul mai clar…
  • iar dupa cateva zile de ploaie parca sunteti un alt om, nu?

Va doresc o zi frumoasa!



Showers, instability and thunderstorms. It looks like this is our fate in the beginning of summer. But I’m not complaining, I like the rain, with the good and the bad… even if it means having “a bad hair day”. 🙂 I prefer a little humidity instead of having my make-up literally dripping from my face because of the excessive heat 🙁

Still not convinced?

Well, if you suddenly feel an emotional breakdown, a lack of inspiration or no desire to work because of the rain, I’ll give you a few reasons to love the rain despite all its shortfalls 🙂

  • The most important, there is no more dust on the streets, the colors look more lively than ever and the air is more breathable

  • I don’t have to water the garden

  • I can finally stop thinking about the vacation and I can focus better on my daily “to do list”

  • I can peacefully lock myself at home for a movie marathon

  • If we can’t go outside, now it’s a good time for cleaning the house… starting with the dressing (where chaos rules for two months!)

  • Everything seems to move slower, the daily pace slows down dramatically, a weird calmness settles, which then brings unexpected inspiration! You see everything clearer…

  • And after a few rainy days you feel like a different person, right?

I wish you all a wonderful day!

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