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Wearing : Zara stilettos /Chanel purse / top & skirt here / Zero uv sunnies


Ce poate fi mai siropos decat un roz turbat in Paris, in ajun de Sf. Valentin? Imi mai lipsea o acadea si o fundita in crestet. Si tot nu as putea intrece circul care deja misuna prin tot orasul. Nu prea ma emotioneaza pe mine sarbatorile astea, eu consider ca iubirea nu are nevoie de o zi anume pentru a fi ridicata in slavi, ca apoi sa revenim la ura cea de toate zilele. La mine dragostea incepe de la sine, adica de la a ma iubi mai intai pe mine (doar nu va inchipuiti ca o moldoveanca narcisista si egoista ar putea sa iubeasca pe altcineva mai mult decat pe ea, nu?)

Si m-am gandit eu asa ca nu sunt chiar singura care nu suporta sarbatorile astea importate din afara si am realizat un mic top despre  “de ce uram ziua de Sf. Valentin”? Who is with me? 🙂

1. Social media explodeaza cu inimioare floricele, declaratii diabetice si check-in-uri dubioase.

2. Unii barbati sunt pusi in situatii jenante de cele mai multe ori. Majoritatea insa sunt pusi doar la cheltuiala.

3. Oriunde te-ai duce , e aglomerat.

Insa , ca sa nu fiu rea, am gasit si cateva parti pozitive:

1. Primim cadouri ! ( noi femeile)

2. O alta ocazie pentru magazine sa bage reduceri .

3. Mai e nevoie de punctul 3?

Va pup si va doresc un week-end linistit!


What could be more mushy-gushy than hot pink in Paris on the eve of Valentine’s Day? The only things I was missing were a lollipop and a bow on my head. And I still couldn’t compete with the circus show that’s already present throughout the city. These holidays don’t really touch me, since I believe that love doesn’t need a specific day to be praised, after which we go back to the daily hatred. For me, love starts with oneself, meaning I have to love myself first (you didn’t really think that a narcissistic and selfish Moldavian woman could love someone else more than herself, did you?)

.And then I thought that I’m not really the only one who hates these imported holidays, so I made a little top regarding: „why we hate Valentine’s Day” ? Who is with me? 🙂

1. Social media explodes with hearts, flowers, diabetic love declarations and questionable check-ins. 

2. Some men are often put it embarrassing situations. But most of them are only forced to spend money.

3. Wherever you go, it’s crowded.

However, there are some positive aspects:

1. We receive presents!

2. Sales! Sales! Sales!

3. Do we really need no. 3? 🙂


Kisses and have a peaceful weekend!

Love, Silvia

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Funny and stylish.


  • Pink Wish

    Absolutely gorgeous!! <3

  • ashleyone

    I love your wearing very much.It makes me feel the breath of spring.

  • Andreea

    Perfecta tinuta! Imi place la nebunie combinatia realizata. Si nu pot fi decat 100% cu ceea ce ai spus 🙂


    Fantastic Look !!

    From Poland With Love !!


  • Elena Sandor

    Darling, I absolutely love this look on you, so polished and Barbie like. It suits you well, like all the other outfits you’ve tried so far;))

  • Descude

    Ce dragut s-a nimerit sa aveti tinute asemanatoare, tu si Miu-Miu, fix in aceeasi perioada…delicios!


  • Cristina Cioba

    Tinuta e speechless! Fusta este superba, si arata wow cu combinatia aceea de dungi a topului! De acord cu tot ce ai zis despre Valentine’s…hmm, Valentine’s in paris, perfect! Pupici!


  • el armario de la nena

    absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Maria

    Hi. I love your pictures! May I ask if your Chanel is a medium or a jumbo? It looks like medium but the strap is very long than normal or have you altered it? I hope you will answer! Thanks 🙂

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  • Queenia UK

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  • cici

    looks so beautiful.

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  • Evweddingau

    You’re a beautiful.It makes me feel the breath of spring.I think you wear a beach wedding dress must be very beautiful

  • Jessica Gore

    So beautiful!

  • Alayne

    Beautiful you, beautiful dress


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