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Sunt o impatimita a gentilor, le am pe toate dimensiunile si culorile posibile, insa recunosc ca majoritatea sunt destul de simple, cu un design minimalist. Zilele trecute m-am reintalnit cu creatiile FURLA  si m-am reindragostit de piesele lor super versatile si de designul optimist al colectiei de vara. Brandul FURLA este 100% italian, in istorie si in spirit  si se simte asta pana la cele mai mici detalii.

De ce mi s-a pus pata pe aceste posetute simpatice de la FURLA? In primul rand pentru ca My Play Furla iti permite sa te joci combinandu-le. Desi pare complicat, e super simplu: iti alegi body-ul (baza gentii), care poate fi intr-o nuanta mai neutra (eu am ales alb) si partea cea mai misto –  capacele sunt detasabile si le poti schimba cand vrei tu.

Ziua alegi ceva mai neutru, sa zicem roz pudrat, asa cum am facut eu… Iar cand mergi seara la un  party opteaza pentru ceva mai indraznet si jucaus, o piesa statement! Capacul galben incrustat cu sute de margele colorate m-a atras instant, nu-i asa ca sare in ochi instant?

De ce My Play Furla? Iti dau eu 3 motive :

  • Poti face cu usurinta un model pentru seara si unul pentru zi dintr-o singura geanta, doar schimband fetele. Body-urile sunt preponderent in culori neutre (bej, gri, negru, alb, roz nude) ca sa fie usor de combinat. Iti alegi o culoare de baza si-ti cumperi cate capace detasabile vrei, astfel incat sa iti poti adecva lookul oricand ai nevoie.
  • Noile fete My Play Furla sunt adorabile –  combinatii neasteptate de margele, imprimeuri florale sau inspirate de lumea animala. Sunt o explozie de culoare si optimism.
  • Noile modele sunt micute, versatile si atat de chic! 

Celebra marca italiana aniverseaza 90 de ani anul acesta si e mai creativa ca niciodata. Desi veti gasi multe modele online, putine dintre ele sunt originale. Doar in magazinul FURLA din Baneasa Shopping City vei gasi varfurile de lance ale noilor colectii! Viziteaza-l oricand ai nevoie de putina inspiratie.

Outfit details :  MyPlay Furla bags / Stradivarius shirt / Zara denim short , shoes / Guess jewelry via B&B Collection 

Photos by Andreea Bordeanu

Location : Floraria Iris 

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I am a fan of bags, I have them in all sizes and colors, but I admit that most of them are pretty simple with a minimalist design. A few days ago I met the FURLA creations and I fell in love again with their super versatile pieces and the optimistic design of the summer collection. The FURLA brand is 100% Italian, both in history and spirit, and you can see it even in the smallest details.

Why am I crushing on these cute little FURLA bags? First of all, because My Play Furla lets you play by combining them. Although it looks complicated, it’s actually super simple: you choose the body (the base) of the bag , which can be in a neutral shade (I have chosen white) and the cool part is that the flaps are detachable and you can change them whenever you want. During the day you can choose something more neutral, say powder pink, like I did… And when you go to a party at night, opt for something more daring and playful, a statement piece! The yellow flap embroidered with hundreds of colored beads instantly attracted me, isn’t it eye catching?

Why My Play Furla? I’ll give you three reasons:

  • You can easily make a model for the evening and one for daytime from a single bag, just by changing the flaps. The bodies predominantly come in neutral colors (beige, gray, black, white, pink), so they’re easy to combine. You choose a basic color and buy as many detachable flaps as you want so you can match you look anytime you need.
  • The new My Play Furla flaps are adorable – unexpected combinations of beads, floral prints or prints inspired by the animal world. They’re an explosion of color and optimism.
  • The new models are small, versatile and so chic!

The famous Italian brand celebrates 90 years and it’s more creative than ever. Though you will find many models online, few of them are original. Only in the FURLA store in Baneasa Shopping City you will find the latest collections! Visit it whenever you need some inspiration.

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